6G Celicas


Year: 1994
Chassis Code: ST205
Type: GT-4
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: 3M 1080 Satin Silver Wrap
Location: Seattle WA

Added almost 2 years ago by J3rkyBoy.


Billet upgraded CT20B (stock ceramic as back-up), Greddy EBC, ATS Adjustable cam gears, stock internals.


BC Racing BR Series (C-26 BR) Coilovers (welded and installed myself), Whiteline sway bars F/R, Adjustable links, new banana arms, camber control arms, and figure-8 links from GT4RACING.EU (thanks, Pavel! Everyone: order from him ... he cares about Celicas).


All the cool JDM stuff off my black/silver car (which used to be PURPLEGT4 on this site, and was built very competently by Andrew ... thank you).



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I now get ... it. A JDM ST205 is incomparible to a USDM FWD Celica. If life deals you the cards, or you bluff your way all-in to the top: get one of these cars. Mine has 112,000km on the ODO and with all the suspension I just replaced is tight, tight, tight. I'm driving this car until I die ... prolly well driving it. ;-)

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