6G Celicas


Year: 1997
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: Auto
Color: Black, Tan (original)
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

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-Megan Coilovers: EZ II Series

-Ride Height: used to be 1.5" (with MAD rub on both inner wheel well and fender). Now at 2.0" aprox. Handling a bit better, no more rub.


-Tires: Kumho's 205/15s

-Rims: Stock, but glass-plasted and repainted with Dulip-Color rattle-can wheel paint and gloss.

-Painted soft top with Dupli-Color fabric paint.

-Waterproofed soft top with Renovo sealer.

-i mean i crashed it so i've got some cool crunchy fenders too. :)

-Windshield replaced.

-Power antenna removed. Wilson CB Flex installed. (but I cut the signal wire, so soon to be re-ran oof).


-Added gasket between oil sandwich plate and engine. Was leaking, but still leaks. Always. Burns a bit I bet.

-Replaced tan interior to black. Includes carpet and front seats. Back seats reupholstered.

-Door upholstery redone. Floral haha.

-Hard-wired cigarette lighter and have a DC to AC converter installed as well (plug outlet) in glove box.

-Painted interior panels.

-Currently running a 7gen steering wheel in car, but airbag is not hooked up.

-No airbags currently.

-Painted and re-intalled horn 'plate' on the 7gen wheel.

-Battery volt reader installed bellow ignition port. Ran from factory cig lighter.

-Changed dashboard color. (I just removed the little green bulb caps haha). It is now yellow. Turn signals too.

-Aftermarket radio (currently n/a).

More info

2.2 L
Running Kumho's 4x4 205/55 R 15
with blackout rims

Suspension Link: https://meganracing.com/mr-cdk-tce94-ez...

Soft Top Paint Link:

Soft Top Sealer/Waterproofer Link:

Wilson Flex CB Antenna Link:

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