6G Celicas

Rowa's Celica

Year: 1995
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Auto
Color: Black 202
Location: New Hampshire, USA

Added 21 days ago by Rowatari.


all stock


....also all stock


St205 hood and front bumper, SS-III spoiler risers


stock again

More info

my car is super stock at the moment. I bought it two weeks ago now (2/2/17), and have spent basically every spare moment I'm not at work trying to clean it up. I've always wanted one of these cars. Currently saving this thing from being neglected by its previous owner. It was in a front end collision so while I was replacing it anyway I wanted to go ahead and get nicer OEM parts, so I got ST205 pieces. I also have an ST205 awd drivetrain sitting in the parts bin until nicer weather arrives. Car was completely stock without exception. Repairing and improving it as I go now.

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