6G Celicas

Silver Arrow - The Ugly Celica

Year: 1996
Chassis Code: AT200
Type: ST
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Not specified
Location: Florida

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Painted the entire thing with a 6” roller and some Rustoleum paint. Did alot of bodywork to remove rust, chip, flake, whatever else. The car was in rough condition prior to my mini restoration (roof, rear quarter panels, and some bottom pieces were more surface rust than paint). Admittedly, the car is supposed to be gloss but i butchered laying the paint flat, so now its semi gloss that looks really good from over a yard away. 1000% plan on redoing it, maybe a different color next time. Also painted the wheels and all of the front trim +wipers. I plan on doing ALL of the trim black along with other pieces.

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