6G Celicas


Year: 1998
Chassis Code: ST202
Type: GT
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: Manual
Color: Black
Location: Czech Republic

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stock 125kw
1 gear - 60 km/h
2 gear - 110 km/h
3 gear - 160 km/h
4 and 5 gear not tested yet :D

my current top speed is 180 km/h (can't test it further at this point - no safe road nearby)


Lowered about 3 cm, stiff springs


Some visual faults, scratched paint at some areas


good shape, standard fabric... i want to replace seats from 7gen (leather) in the future... and also want to change steering wheel asap

More info

This is my new car. At this moment it's almost stock. Last owner installed lowered stiff suspension.
In near future I'd like to mod it a little bit.

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