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> 3sgte Engine Specifications, 3sgte Engine Specifications
post Jul 14, 2004 - 12:00 AM
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Haven't been on the site in a while, just thought I would post some info I have on the 3sgte for anyone who is interested in rebuilding one. I don't know if anyone cares about this or if this is a repost. I got this info from the prosis database at my college today during my engine rebuilding course, I already have my engine rebuilt so I was just checkin engine specs and helping other people. Also, the engine shop has a 3sge and two 3sgte's as demo engines. I am eventually going to rebuild a 3sgte and swap it into my celi, but for now my project is a 69 buick skylark that I am swapping a 425 olds big block and th400 trans into (360 hp and 465 lb.ft. of torque....stock biggrin.gif ) anyways, i'll shut my big mouth now and post some of the info, if you need more specs on any other engines, let me know.

Manufacturer: Toyota
L/CID/VIN: 2.0/122/3SGTE
# of cylinders: 4
Bore & Stroke: 3.3858-3.3870" (85.999-86.03MM) x 3.386" (86.004MM)
Compression Ratio: 8.8:1
Firing Order: 1-3-4-2

Cylinder Head
Thickness: 4.6950-4.6990" (119.253-119.355 MM)
Maximum Warpage: .008" Overall (.203 MM)
OHC Bore Data: 1.0614-1.0620" (26.96-26.975 MM)
Valve Info
Installed Stem Height (Intake): 1.4600-1.4850"
Installed Stem Height (Exhaust): 1.4700-1.4950"
Stem Diameter (Intake): .2346-.2352" (5.959-5.974 MM)
Stem Diameter (Exhaust): .2344-.2350" (5.954-5.969 MM)
Total Length (Inatke): 4.12600-4.1535" (104.8-105.499 MM)
Total Length (Exhaust): 3.8917-3.9193" (98.849-99.55 MM)
Angle (Intake & Exhaust): 44.5 degrees
Margin (Intake & Exhaust): .020" Min. (.508 MM)
Valve Guide Info
Guide Height (Intake & Exhaust): .323-.339" (8.204-8.611 MM)
Guide Clearance (Intake): .0010-.0023" (.025-.058 MM)
Guide Clearance (Exhaust): .0012-.0025" (.03-.064 MM)
Spring Info
Free Length (Intake & Exhaust): 1.749" (44.425 MM)
Installed Height (Intake & Exhaust): 1.354" (34.392 MM)
Closed Test Press (Intake & Exhaust): 45-53# @ 1.354"
Valve Seat Info
Seat Width (Intake & Exhaust): .039-.055" (.991-1.397 MM)
Seat Angle (Intake & Exhaust): 45 degrees
Valve Lash Info
Intake Valve Lash: .006-.010" Cold
Exhaust Valve Lash: .008-.012" Cold

Cylinder Head Torque Spec. 36 FT/LBS, + 90 degrees

Block Info
Cylinder Bore Diameter: 3.3858-3.3870" (85.999-86.03 MM)

Piston & Pin Info
Skirt Oil Clearance: .0028-.0035" (.071-.089 MM)
Pin Diameter: .8660-.8665" (21.996-22.009 MM)
Pin Type: Float
Ring Gap: Top .013-.022" 2nd .018-.026", Oil .008-.024"

Housing Bore Info
Torque: 43 FT/LBS

Crankshaft Info
Stroke: 3.386" (86.004 MM)
Cylinder Bore: 3.3858-3.3870" (85.999-86.03 MM)
Rod Journal
Journal Diameter: 1.8892-1.8898" (47.986-48.001 MM)
Oil Clearance:.0009-.0022" (.023-.056 MM)
Main Journal:
Position 1: 2.1648-2.1654" (54.986-55.001 MM)
Oil Clearance: .0005-.0024" (54.986-55.001 MM)
Crankshaft End Play:.0008-.0087" (.02-.221 MM)

Connecting Rods Info
Big End Housing Bore: 2.0079-2.0087" (51.001-51.021 MM)
Big End Side Clearance: .0063-.0123" (.16-.312 MM) Big End Width 1.055"
Torque: 18 FT/LBS, + 90 degrees
Small End Finished ID: .8663-.8668" (22.004-22.017 MM)
Center to Center Distance: 5.4280" (22.004-22.017 MM)
Twist/Bend: .002/.006 @ 3.94

Camshaft Info
Cam End Play: .005-.009" (.127-.229 MM)
Cam Journal Specs: 1.0614-1.0620" (26.96-26.975 MM)
Cam Journal Oil Clearance: .0010-.0024" (.025-.061 MM)

Thats all for now, I know not everything is complete, but it is some info for anyone who is doing some work on the wonderful 3sgte engine.
post Jul 14, 2004 - 12:12 AM
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Good information, would be at home in a 3SGTE FAQ whenever it is compiled. I'm sure all of that information can be found on one's own, but you did us all a favor by making it one big list. My thanks!
post Jul 14, 2004 - 1:26 AM
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do you know the exact year and model that is from? there are slight variences on some of the different models.

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post Jul 14, 2004 - 1:38 AM
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This was listed for 90-94 MR-2 and Celica All-Trac. There will be slight variances depending on your application, but for the most part, these figures will be similar for most 3sgte's.
post Nov 21, 2007 - 2:20 PM
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