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> JDM Part Numbers and FAQ's, GT4 Front End, Projectors, Tails, Etc.
post Feb 26, 2003 - 2:28 AM
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JDM Part Numbers
On this page you'll find some part numbers for rare JDM sixth generation Celica parts. You may be able to order these parts through your Toyota dealer, but some dealers say that they cannot order these parts from Japan.

Projector Headlights - These low baem headlights are available in some Celicas overseas from 1996-on, and they have a H1 bulb behind a projector unit, to provide a sharp beam cutoff such as that seen in new Audis, second generation Integras, etc. These lights also have a socket in them for accent lights, and this socket uses a 194 bulb. The part numbers are below.
81014-20100 (Left)
81012-20100 (Right)

Clear High Beams - These high beams are available in some Celicas overseas from 1996-on and they have a crystal clear lense. The part numbers are below.

JDM Tail-Lights - These tail-lights can be found on some overseas Celicas from 1996-on. They are made to fit only the sixth generation Celica hatchback, and they include a clear turn signal, and a reverse light that's in a different location. The part numbers for these tail-lights are below.
81561-2B240 (Left)
81551-2B300 (Right)

GT-Four Hood and Bumper - This is the hood and front bumper combination that can be found on all sixth generation Celica GT-4s. It's highly recommended that you buy both at the same time, because if you only buy one without the other, there will be a ugly, noticable gap in the center of the car where the hood meets the front bumper. The part numbers for everything necessary are below.

This pic shows all the parts with part numbers

  • Bumper Parts
  • Cover, front bumper 52119-2b905 $223.27 This is the bumper (Thanks to jgreening for the correction)
  • Absorber, front bumper energy 52611-20150 $62.76 This is the foam that goes behind the bumper
  • Seal, hood to front end panel 53395-20020 $19.92 This is the rubber seal where the hood and bumper meet
    retainer, front bumper upper center 52521-20200 $25.44 this is the metal thing that holds the rubber in place
  • Grill, sub-assy, rad., center 53101-20500 $46.29 This is the upper grille
  • Grill, radiator, lower 53111-20750 $125.08 This is the lower grille
  • Bezel, grille, lower RH 53112-20240 This is the right-hand bezel for the lower grill without fogs
  • Bezel, grille lower LH 53113-20180 This is the left-hand bezel for lower grill without fogs
  • Front turn signal, RH 81510-20750
  • Front turn signal, LH 81520-20750
  • Fog Lights and other Optional Parts
  • Fog lamp, RH 81210-20370
  • Fog lamp, LH 81220-20360
  • Bezel, grill lower RH 53112-20230 This is the right-hand fog light bezel
  • Bezel, grill lower LH 53113-20170 This is the left-hand fog light bezel (Thanks to jgreening for the correction)
  • Latch, hood, LHD 53510-20510 This is the left-hand-drive GT-Four hood latch, without it, you'll have to lengthen your stock latch by about 1/2 inch.
  • Bracket, upper grill #1 53115-20070 $13.95 This is 1 of 2 brackets which hold in the upper grill
  • Bracket, upper grill #2 53118-20070 $15.46 This is the 2nd bracket for the upper grill
  • You can also get the reinforcment bar(your "crash-bar" or 5MPH bumper) and frame brackets, but theyre not nessicary,so just about everyone dont get them, they just cut down theyre crash bar with a sawzall.
    the part #s for those are:
  • Reinforcement Bar 52131-20220
  • Frame Bracket RH 57201-20060 this is the bracket that the re-bar bolts to, it replaces your stock one
  • Frame Bracket LH 57202-20070 this is the bracket that the re-bar bolts to, it replaces your stock one
  • Hood Parts
  • Hood sub-assy. 53301-20500 $444.22 This is the hood
  • Plate assembly, hood bulge 76190-20010 $ 42.95 This is the middle hood vent
  • Bulge assembly, hood 76180-20010-XX This is the hood bulge. The -XX after the part number is a paint code, if you know your Toyota paint code, insert it there. Below are the part numbers, with color codes.
    76180-20010-F0 576, Super Bright Yellow
    76180-20010-H0 752, Deep Teal Metalic
    76180-20010-H1 753, Graish Turquoise M.M.
    76180-20010-B0 183, Dk. Bl. Gray Me
    76180-20010-G0 6M1, Dk Green Mica
    76180-20010-G1 6R0, Lt Green Me.
    76180-20010-A0 040, Super White 2
    76180-20010-B0 199, Silver Me.
    76180-20010-C0 202, Black
    76180-20010-D0 3L2, Super Red
    76180-20010-J0 8L5, Blue M.M. (perfect Blue)
  • Ornament sub assy, hood RH 75033-20030-XX This is the right-hand rear vent. The -XX after the part number is a paint code, if you know your Toyota paint code, insert it there. Below are the part numbers, with color codes.
    75033-20030-F0 576, Super Bright Yellow
    75033-20030-H0 752, Deep Teal Metalic
    75033-20030-H1 753, Graish Turquoise M.M.
    75033-20030-B0 183, Dk. Bl. Gray Me
    75033-20030-G0 6M1, Dk Green Mica
    75033-20030-G1 6R0, Lt Green Me.
    75033-20030-A0 040, Super White 2
    75033-20030-B0 199, Silver Me.
    75033-20030-C0 202, Black
    75033-20030-D0 3L2, Super Red
    75033-20030-J0 8L5, Blue M.M. (perfect Blue)
  • Ornament sub-assy, hood LH 75034-20030-XX This is the left-hand rear vent. The -XX after the part number is a paint code, if you know your Toyota paint code, insert it there. Below are the part numbers, with color codes.
    75034-20030-F0 576, Super Bright Yellow
    75034-20030-H0 752, Deep Teal Metalic
    75034-20030-H1 753, Graish Turquoise M.M.
    75034-20030-B0 183, Dk. Bl. Gray Me
    75034-20030-G0 6M1, Dk Green Mica
    75034-20030-G1 6R0, Lt Green Me.
    75034-20030-A0 040, Super White 2
    75034-20030-B0 199, Silver Me.
    75034-20030-C0 202, Black
    75034-20030-D0 3L2, Super Red
    75034-20030-J0 8L5, Blue M.M. (perfect Blue)
  • Guide,air to cowl 76191-20901 This if the optional hood spoiler
GT-Four Spoiler Posts - These posts fit under the factory two post spoiler to increase the height and the angle of the rear spoiler. These posts only fit on the hatchback models.
76087-20916 (Left)
76088-20914 (Right)

GT-Four Factory Rear Strut Brace - This isn't an exterior styling part, but it's a pretty rare part that is JDM.

JDM Fenders
53802-2b310 LH
53801-2b310 RH


SS-III Front and Rear Bumper Splitters - Front and Rear Bumper add on extensions
Front RH: 76851-20060
Front LH: 76852-20050
Rear RH: 76893-20130
Rear LH: 76894-20110

Any part numbers with prices are all parts you can get from your local dealer.
however, in most cases they well not be able to get the 3 hood vents, and unless you have a good relationship with them and can get a good discount on the parts, i wouldnt bother with the local dealer.
www.toyotaworld.com (go to the site, get the phone # call and talk to jeff watson)is a good, reputable place to get all the parts from.
As well at Toyota Des Moines, contact jason:
Jason Johnston
Toyota of Des Moines parts department

Special thanks to Manny(Presure2), Batman722, Malpaso and Outsider for their very helpful contributions. smile.gif

Got anything else to add? PM me or email me at ccoomer@6gc.net and I'll see what I can do.

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New Toyota project coming soon...
post Aug 6, 2003 - 11:41 PM
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The following parts are for coupes or convertibles only:

Curren Tail-Lights - These tail-lights can be found on JDM Currens from 9/1995-on. They are made to fit the Curren and sixth generation Celica coupe and convertible, they include a clear turn signal, and a tinted lense. The part numbers for these tail-lights are below.
81560-2B250 (Left)
81550-2B250 (Right)

TRD Curren Spoiler - This spoiler was included with the TRD Sports package available for the Toyota Curren. It is in the TRD style and will fit any Curren or sixth generation Celica coupe or convertible.
76870-ST010 (not confirmed)

For those interested in factory parts (available on US cars):

Stock Sideskirts - These were an option on 96-99 Japanese and American Celicas. They will fit any Celica coupe or hatchback without modication. Parts can be ordered from any dealership or often found discounted at a used parts distributor (Thanks to CelicaQT for the following part numbers).

(1) 76911-20900 Mudguard, Side R (This is the skirt itself)
(1) 76912-20900 Mudguard, Side L (This is the skirt itself)
(2) 76925-20020 Protector, Side M (Rubber seal) Make sure you tell them what color. There's a color code they specify when you order it.
(1) 76927-20040 Protector, Side M (Goes between the inside of the skirt and the sheetmetal)
(1) 76928-20040 Protector, Side M (Same as above discription only it's a smaller piece)
These are the fasteners:
(4) 90159-60414 Screw, W/ washer
(8) 90159-60420 Screw, W/ washer
(4) 90189-06006 Grommet, Screw
(8) 90189-06154 Grommet, Screw
(16)90467-09185 Clip
(18)90467-10162 Clip

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