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Full Version: Power surges?
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i get these power surges, my headlights get bright as well as my gauges, hvac, my stereo is affected, sub mis-hits? Its really starting to piss me off. I found a ground wire kit on ebay does anyone think it'll help? If not i open to any suggestions.
alternator problem

maybe the power regulator inside the alternator
sucking to much juice will cause this.... a lull in the amperage sucking will cause everything to get bright for a split second.... get this alot of your amps are drawing too much current.... get a higher rated alternator
Have you tried unhooking your stereo system and driving around for a few days like that. It might be your alternator like wind said. Sometimes instead of not charging enough they will start charging too much.
before spending money on an alternator try getting a powercap.
I know it has nothing to do with my system cause its done it since before i put my subs in.

Everything gets bright for up to like 10-20 seconds though it is usually just a quick sec. or 2.

So probably my alt. huh. Would a ground wire kit help at all.
go to les schwab or sears ( i've worked at both ) and get an electrical test. It test the alternator current and the charging amps while also checking the battery. its like $15 but if it solves the problem its well worth it. wink.gif
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