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Full Version: 4wd conversion
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I would like to know where i can find the rear end and drive shaft,etc.. to convert my 95 gt (3s-gte) fwd to 4wd.I search around my place and ebay nothing.thanks!
Try www.toysport.comToySport
or buy a rear gt4 clip
ok this is not something new

you have to get a front AND rear clip of a 100% has to be an ST205. thats a 6th gen celica gt4. you have to take out the floor of your USDM celica and swap in the floor from the ST205. also you have to swap in trunk pans and gas tank as prepared to pay around 2-4 grand for the labor

the only people besides my uncle and me to do this would be Eric at E.L. Prototypes in Aruza California. they are real good. although never done anything like this before.

if anyone tells you that you can just cut a spot and weld the rear differential in there. but thats not safe. and it'll be a bitch to get everything lined up correctly...

the front and rear clip that I purchased from was 4500 not shipped.

dont go to toysport they are to expensive.

do some more research save some money and call E. L. prototypes
I have the center drive shaft, and diff carrier from the ST205 available. $50 + shipping.

I also have the rear diff from my ST185 (I swapped in the 205). Its identical to the 205 but does not have limited slip. $75

The gas tank from the alltrac will fit with a custom bracket.
Actually don't call EL, I've heard two of my close buds on get the shaft from them, One had their harness sent from EL to me to do, and then Ray's celica is still stuck there unfinished after MONTHS.

The AWD conversion is a hell of a lot easier than everyone thinks. but you need a whole GT4 rear end to do it. Any legitimate collision shop has the ability to replace large portions of subframe, and all you do is cut out the trunk pans and swap them, using the wheel wells as a guide on the back, then lickety split you rebuild the car. This take about 30+ hours of labor so be ready to lube up bend over and wait for penetration.

My GT-FOUR should be done by the end of summer
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