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Full Version: Full Tune-Up
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Aight next week i get my license back (finally) and i'm gettin some shiz done to my car before i hit it back on the road. I'm already doin the following for sure!

1. ACT clutch
2. Fidanza Flywheel
3. New Battery
4. Plugs and Wires
5. Unorthodox Underdrive pulley

Some of this might seem stupid to do (battery) but you gotta realize that my car has been sitting in my garage for almost 6mo without being driven once! So i'm thinkin either a Die Hard battery or some kind of high performance battery if there are any.
So i need some input from you peeps.

What's a good battery to get?
Should i get platinum or iridium plugs?
And what's some good wires to get?

I checked on magnecor wires and they are hella expensive! I think the cheapest i found was like $135. And nology doesn't even show any wires for my car (7a-fe).

Thanks for everyone's input in advance!
for the battery.. optima red or yellow tops are tha shiz... but thats all i got smile.gif
Where can i pick up one of these optima batteries?
Eh, nevermind i found out where to buy them.
But damn! those are some pocket robbing batteries! They better last for like 50yrs!
There last very long.

I had mine own for about 3 years now with an overcharge that almost destroy the battery.

Still going on my 2000Wrms amp

Iridium would be good, but you will be better of with ngk racing plugs. Leave those plugs for higher mods

Get some nice msd or low resistance wires. You can go with nology, but you will run into problems later on when using it with msd digital 6 plus w/ timing control.
hey guys i have the msd sci ignition with the tach adapter will this burn out my coil or should i just go with the blaster 2 coil,also will the bosch platnium 4 plugs create a problem definitly, they dont recommend them but they said the problem is rare, i really dont know what to do
Let me say that platinum is crap.

Again, get some nice racing NGK plugs unless you are running boost, iridium is for you.

Its amazing how you think.

You have an aftermarket ignition box. Do you not think that you should have an aftermarket coil?

Give nology a call and order the M75 or if you going to see alot of racing, the M80
Well i can't find any Nology wires for my 7a-fe so i'll probly just go with whatever i can find.
Any links to where i can buy these things are extremely helpful, or part #s will do also that way i can do a search on for the part #.
I'm thinkin Iridium plugs just to save some time and money incase i decide to do a turbo on my 7afe.

If you had a old set of wires, send them to nology. There will fabricate some for you.

Call them
can anyone tell me what the underdrive pully is for

An underdrive pulley is basically a replacement for the pulley that drives the belts to your alternator and air conditioner pretty much reduces the drive to those parts, thus freeing up power that would otherwise be used to drive those devices.

Also, i have a question.....are the NGK iridium plugs pregapped or not? If they arent, then how do i go about setting the proper gap for my 5s-fe??
Neip buddy have you started your car at all in that 6 months? If not I wish you luck! I had a mate who's 96? nissan pulsar SSS (4banger FWD) seized after about 6-8 moths in storage. It's most likely not going to happen but you are supposed to start your car every fortnight or month biggrin.gif and I hope you have good oil in your car.

Don't mean to be a doombringer or anything smile.gif just made me think of that dudes car when you said it was just sitting there!

btw.. Where are you getting the flywheel from? I've just bought a nice clutch over here in Australia where I live but there is practically NO lightweight celica flywheels available over here at all. I'm thinking of getting one shipped over, but I want to get the clutch in asap.. biggrin.gif
About Nology wires, take the set for 93-97 Corolla 1.8 wink.gif
I'm getting a flywheel from Fidanza. But good luck trying to find one! I had to badger Charlie97 for a week before he sold me his, and it was the only one he had. Sooo....anyways.

I'll check Nology and see if i can find a set for the 93-07 Corolla.

Anyone know where i could find an Optima Yellow top for under $100? Ebay is the only place i've come close so far.
alright,i need a chip for my car im going with jet power chip i called them and they guranntee 12-13 more horse power
oh an one more thing now that im changing everything around how much the ngk aprk plugs an the nology m80 wire sets
if you don't want to spend all that money on a optima... just get an AC Delco battery they are the best you can get..,.. they make most of the battries in the world...
Yea, a battery won't make any difference in our cars other than life but any battery these days will last you a good deal. Our engines are small, its one thing if you had a big ass pickup diesel.
Hey Neipas09 how much are you getting the ACT clutch and flywheel for?? Oh and what stage ACT clutch are you getting??

B/C I'm doing the 3sgte swap at the end of the month *crossing fingers* and i need to get a pretty good estimate for how much that is.
Having the MSD ignition doesn't neccesarily mean you need a new coil. The stock coil works just fine, just more splicing and hassle. The blaster 2 isn't anything special, just a standard 12v coil, nothing different than the one you have now. I would suggest using the magnecore wires, I've had them with the MSD and they work just fine. If you do get them, use the stock coil, otherwise find a way to get the primary plug wire to fit in the blaster 2 tower, you'll see what I mean. Oh yeah, NGK's rock.
this might sound stupid but u have a gt i have a st that still wont matter i did buy both nology wires an plugs,can i still use the stock coil,thanks for the info
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