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Full Version: High oil consumption.
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Hi, I have noticed that my celica st205 has been going through a lot of oil, I think it was about 2 litres last week and it now appears to be back to the same low level it was before, basically for a while it has been dripping oil slightly, nothing serious about 5 drips a day however it has got a bit worse earlier today I did check the rocker cover bolts and they seemed lose however I did tighten them up a bit so hopefully this has solved the issue.

The main issue is that is now burning a lot of oil, I do notice that sometimes (but not all the time) dipstick gets pushed out ever so slightly so I thought it was rings but I would've thought that it would get pushed out after every drive? Sometimes on startup it doesn't smoke but then after idling for 20 seconds and it starts smoking a lot. My friend put his leg in front of it and later that night noticed later that night his pants were black and a bit wet so would've thought thats oil related.

I took off the charge cooler and had a little sniff inside and it is hard to describe the smell but it did seem slightly sweet/oily and if I open the throttle body I can see at the back of the manifold looks a little bit wet so could that be turbo leaking a bit of oil into the air stream?

I will be doing a compression check tomorrow to see how the rings are.
Is the turbo outlet area oily soaked? A leak down test would be a good idea as a follow up to the compression test, but sounds like you've got high crankcase pressure, could be a clogged breather or PCV or could be a ring sealing issue and blowby.
Straight after the turbo seemed to be ok the only real issue was after the around the edges of the butterfly valve and at the back of the manifold.

It's been raining all morning but I'll have a look at getting it done later today along with trying to check the breathers.
if you are blowing out the dipstick, you are pressurizing the crankcase somehow
True, I guess I need to wait for the leak down kit to see if it's rings.

Now thankfully mine isn't as bad as the one in that video, I would guess at worst my rings are on the way out rather than failing.

Annoyingly yesterday I came to do the compression test and unfortunately the tester is some old kit and the right adapter is missing so couldn't get it done, however I did notice oil pooling around the spark plugs, just about enough to cover the hex bolt section, I would guess this is rocker cover gasket?
There are several options:
1 oil scraper ring
2. The valve stem seals
3. Just be oil leaks
Yeah oil scrapers are one of my worries, I would guess the compression rings would wear out at a similar rate to oil scrapers so compression and leak down check should show if they are on the way out, should be able to do it as soon as I've reffited the cam cover.

Not sure how to check stem seals, will have a look on Google

The cam cover gasket was leaking but that's about the only one I saw, however I did notice in part of the PCV system there was a bit of oil where it goes in behind the air filter, not sure whether that is normal or not.
I would start with the replacement valve stem seals. Because it is easier and cheaper. In any case, I suffer from it just will not.
Oh, and I forgot to write the last post:
4. The oil may go through the turbine (both in the intake path and the exhaust pipe)
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