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Full Version: parasitic drain experts...
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i have been busting my back trying to find a parasitic drain. i think i found what drains my battery.

i have 2 options. the aftermarket pioneer radio or the aftermarket alarm. funny.

anyone has had an aftermarket radio do this. its a pioneer.

i have both disconnected and seems too be no more drain. of course i have to see which one is the culprit....

stay tuned
If you have a good multimeter you can measure the amperage via it's fuse to see how much power the item itself is drawing, a good number for total parasitic draw is about 50ma on a car with a bunch of stuff like you have, it's probably the alarm though, especially if it's a fancier one. My 00 Celica has a steady 30ma draw when sitting off, it's got a factory alarm with features comparable to aftermarket alarms (intrusion, glass break sensor, keyless entry). The radio will have some key off draw to keep settings alive, but if it's got a high draw it could be the bluetooth module inside not going to sleep. I've seen that happen with Honda factory sound systems.
the alarm is factory. which is odd.. the radio, is new, but you may be right...
very odd, I'd put the money on the aftermarket stuff any day over OEM stuff but weird things happen. How high isn the total draw?
not sure if the alarm was the full problem, i also had to replace batery under warranty. so we will have to see.
I had a parasitic drain issue caused by the factory alarm. Clamp on dc current meters are fairly cheap now and would be a good way to check current.
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