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Full Version: 3sgte 4th gen wiring
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I am trying to do the wiring on my 5sfe to the 3sgte 4th gen need some help !
Like what?
There is not much info out there on doing the rewire because it is a JDM motor. Everyone usually sends their wiring harnesses off to WireGap or PrimeMR2. You are welcome to be the first person to document the rewire.
I can't be that hard .. i feel like people just don't want the headache I just wanted some pointers and maybe help from someone who's done it
Do you have your 4th gen yet? If so, lay the two harnesses down side by side to get an idea of what you need to do. These cars arenít Hondas that are built like Legos. Toyota isnít making it easy for you. Itís far from a case of move this wire, bridge those wires, and done. You will be disassembling both harnesses, scouring wiring diagrams, and basically building a brand new harness from the ground up. Can it be done? Sure. But consider how many hours of labor you will have in just looking at the harnesses and figuring out what needs to be done, before you actually start doing any work. Time is money, and thatís more time that your car will be off the road. If you make one single mistake, you have to pull the harness back out (which is no easy task once the motor is in the car,) and start racing every single wire to find what went wrong.

I am not trying to discourage you at all. But it is definitely a much harder and more complex job than I get the feeling you think it may be. Thatís why it is absolutely worth $500 to me personally to have Wiregap do the harness so it comes back extended to the correct length, all connections are correct, no loose or broken wires, plug and play with no issues. Itís one vital part of a swap that I donít have to worry about. Again, not trying to discourage you- just my $0.02.
^ very true unless time is what you have and patience.
like said above, open both harness' up get the drawings for your car and the 4th gen. follow the wires and make extensions as needed. when i did the 3rd gen swap, i had to add about 2 feet to each wire. when i did the swap in my 4 runner. i ran all the wiring with the engine in the truck, then loomed wires together.
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