6G Celicas

Changing Your Blinker Light Color

Author: amysmojo
Approximate Time: 40 Minutes
Required Tools: 1/16"-thick piece of colored or clear plastic or plexiglass
Exacto knife
Philips head screwdriver
Spray paint(optional)

Sick of your green interior turn signal indicators in your gauge cluster? Follow this quick and easy how-to and soon you can have your own custom-colored blinkers.

First, pop off the long plastic cover piece that goes around the ignition keyhole and over the steering column. It just pops right off. You'll need to disconnect the wiring harness for the dimmer knob. Next, you need to remove four screws so that you can remove the curved plastic piece that goes over the gauge cluster. Two of the screws are in the top of the plastic part and will require a very short philips head screwdriver or a ratchet with a philips head screwdriver bit in it. Once the four screws have been removed, you'll need to pull out this plastic piece.

Next, find the four screws that go through the white plastic piece of the gauge cluster and remove these screws. Now the gauge cluster should be loose, and you'll need to reach behind the gauge cluster and remove three wiring harnesses from the back of the cluster. Now you need to maneuver the gauge cluster out of the dash, which can be somewhat tricky.

Now remove the clear plastic cover along with the black plastic lining that covers the gauges. They snap in and out easily after you remove two phillips head screws. You should now be able to see the 2 green turn signal pieces. Remove them by sliding a thin object down the side and pushing up and out(Your finger nail works good, or an Exacto knife works too.) These pop out pretty easily as well.

I wanted blue blinkers so I found a blue water bottle lid to use for my plastic. Any kind of plastic similar to the stock blinkers will work, just be sure that light can shine through to a degree. Try to keep it about 1/16" thick. Take one of the green plastic pieces and use it as a template to cut out your new blinkers. Be sure to cut them as close to the original size as possible so they will fit in place with ease.

If you're using plexiglass or clear plastic, you'll want to paint the plastic with a couple light coats. Another member used plexiglass and painted 2 coats of Testor's transparent candy apple red paint to make his turn signals red.

Once cut out and painted if needed, place them back in the blinker holes and push down with your thumb so they fit nice and snug. The stock bulbs work just fine, so there's no need to worry about new bulbs.

Put the cluster back together, plug it in to the harnesses, and test out your blinkers. If you're satisfied with the results, screw the cluster back in and put your dash back together. Enjoy!

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