6G Celicas

Changing Gauge Cluster Light Colors

Author: Coomer
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes
Required Tools: Philips head screwdriver
Ratchet with philips head bit or short philips head screwdriver
3 Type-194 colored light bulbs

If you want to change the color of your gauge cluster lights from the stock green color, you can follow these instructions.

First, pop off the long plastic cover piece that goes around the ignition keyhole and over the steering column. It just pops right off. You'll need to disconnect the wiring harness for the dimmer knob. Next, you need to remove four screws so that you can remove the curved plastic piece that goes over the guage cluster. Two of the screws are in the top of the plastic part and will require a very short philips head screwdriver or a ratchet with a philips head screwdriver bit in it. Once the four screws have been removed, you'll need to pull out this plastic piece.

Next, find the four screws that go through the white plastic piece of the guage cluster and remove these screws. Now the guage cluster should be loose, and you'll need to reach behind the guage cluster and remove three wiring harnesses from the back of the cluster. Once the harnesses are removed, you need to take off the top cover on the steering column, so that you can get the guage cluster out of the car. To take off the top cover, move the steering wheel a quarter turn to the left and you'll see a screw. Remove that screw, and then remove the one on the right side as well. Then the top cover of the steering column just pops right off. Now you need to manuver the guage cluster out of the dash, which can be somewhat tricky.

Once the guage cluster is out of the car, take a look at the back of it, where all the green plastic material stuff is. You'll see many light sockets that twist out. Just take out the three biggest ones by twisting them out. Once the sockets are out, pull out the old bulbs and green covers, and replace it with the colored bulbs of your choice. Once the new bulbs are in the sockets, simply insert them back into the back of the guage cluster and put everything back together. Once everything is back together, admire your guages at night when it's dark out. Mine are noticably brighter than stock and have a much better color to them.

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