6G Celicas

Determining Check Engine Light Codes

Author: DG_Performance
Approximate Time: 5 minutes
Required Tools: Paper clip

If you're getting a check engine light code, you can use this method to determine what the exact error is.

First you need to pop the hood.

Next, find the little box that looks somewhat like a fuse box on the driver side of the car up in the corner by the firewall.

Next, open the lid, and then look in the lid and find the connections that say TE1 and E1.

Now take your paper clip and connect it from terminal TE1 to terminal E1 to create a circuit.

Now you need to go inside you car and turn the key to the on position and watch the check engine light flash. Count the flashes and the pauses.

For example, this is a sample error: F F P F F F F F F F.

Two flashes, one pause and seven flashes is the code 27. This actually means that the 2nd O2 sensor is bad. Then it will repeat.

Now that you know the number for your error code, pick up the phone and call Advance Auto and tell them that you want to know what the check engine code number that you just got for you car means. They can tell you, because they have a book on it. You just saved yourself money by diagnosing your problem yourself!

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