6G Celicas

Installing a MSD Boost Timing Master on a GT

Author: x_itchy_b_x
Approximate Time: 1 or 2 Hours
Required Tools: Wire strippers
Wire crimps (Soldering works best though)
Electrical tape or shrink tubing
MSD part number 8910EIS (It's a tach adapter.)
Zip ties
Silicon or rubber tubing

First, disconnect your battery to avoid any short circuit to the ECU. Next, locate an area in the engine bay to place the BTM. The manual says not to put in direct heat. So I placed mine where my stock air box would have been and the vent nearby cools it.

The ignition coil is located on the top of the drivers side firewall. There are two wires that we will use from the coil, the positive (white) and negative (black). Cut both wires giving yourself enough length each way to work with them.(I cut them one at a time. just incase, I dont need 50,000 volts in me). Strip both ends of both the white and black wire.

The black (-) wire coming out of the coil will be connected to the orange wire coming out of the BTM harness. Both the white(+) wires ends coming out of the coil and the other white end will be connected to the the red wire on the BTM.

The red wire on the BTM will have to be spliced so that both the red wire from that Tach Adapter and BTM are together. On the Tach Adapter there is a clip coming out with two green wires. This will plugged into the clip coming out of the BTM with a green and a purple wire. The clip can only go one way so don't worry about which wire connects to which.

Now the black wire coming out of the Tach Adapter will be connected to the other black (-) wire the same wire as the coil just not the end that comes out of the coil itself. Also the white wire coming out of the BTM will be connected to the same point where we just put the last black wires.

The boost retard knob should reach inside the cabin so it is accessible for tuning while driving. It just plugs into the the harness on the BTM. The wires can be reversed, a polarity does not matter with these gray and black wires.

The black ground wire coming from the BTM will be grounded to any spot in the engine bay. Make sure it is a good grounding spot.

I hooked the nipple on the BTM for boost pressure to a nipple on the side of the intake manifold using silicone tubing. The nipple on the manifold had a black cover on it. just pull it of and run the tubing. Secure with a zip tie.

There is a diagram to help, since my directions are kind of sketchy. This is how I've seen two setups done, a MR2 and myself. I havent had a problem yet. Also I'm running at .75 retard, which runs fine on 93 octane.

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