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Installing a S2000 Antenna

Author: CelicaSTX02
Approximate Time: 10 minutes
Required Tools: Saw or cutting tool
Strong glue
Clamping pliers

Some of you may be sick of your stock tall antenna, and if you want to have a shorter antenna, the S2000 antenna is a wise choice. You can buy the antenna from a Honda dealership for around $30.00, or you can purchase one online. With the S2000 antenna, my radio reception is the same as it was before. Below are the instructions on how to do this modification to your car.

First you need to cut off the metal antenna at the base of the antenna once it's extended all of the way up.

Next, take apart the metal stock antenna, and keep one piece of it that is big enough to fit over the bottom screw part on the S2000 antenna.

After that, clamp the piece of metal from the stock antenna over the bottom screw part on the S2000 antenna and find a way to secure them together. You can use lots of superglue or some sort of glue, but you just have to make sure they won't fall apart.

Now, insert the S2000 antenna with the metal antenna piece into the hole on the antenna post of the car.

Carefully glue the bottom rim of the S2000 antenna to the antenna post of the car. Use plenty of strong glue, but be careful not to get any glue on the car.

That's it! Just make sure your radio reception works fine, and then step back and admire your hard work and your beautiful car.

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