6G Celicas

Making Your Power Antenna Stay Down

Author: Celica2085TA
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes
Required Tools: Electrical Tape
Wire Cutters

If you don't like driving around with the power antenna sticking out the back of your car, then I suggest that you do this. This modification is somewhat easy.

First you have to disconnect the wire that sends a signal to the antenna that raises it up and down when the radio is on. You can either disconnect it from the back of your car stereo or where the antenna is located. Once you have that done, your radio should turn on without the antenna going up.

Next, find the antenna wire that goes to your antenna. Cut it and attach a piece of speaker wire to it, or any kind of wire. This is going to be your new antenna. The wire can be as long as you want. You'll want to do this so that you'll get radio reception.

Now mount the wire somewhere in your car. I ran my wire on the drivers side in the back of the car behind the window. I hid it behind the plastic and then fed it through to the top of the trunk door scince I have a hatchback. The end of the wire sticks out of the plastic and is ran down the back window a little at the end so it picks up a signal. Once you're done, ensure that your radio reception still works, and say goodbye to that huge power antenna.

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