6G Celicas

Making Your Own Clear Corners ('94-'95)

Author: celicakid84
Approximate Time: 2 Hours + Drying Time
Required Tools: Clear office lighting material
Silicone caulk
Strong glue (epoxy resin works)
Bench grinder (sand paper will work)
Heat gun or hairdryer
Drill and small drill bit

Start by removing your stock turn signals from your bumper by removing the screw that holds it in. Once off the car, heat the glue on the edges of the amber lens until it is very very soft and you can pull the amber lens off. Be patient and careful, and don't melt your amber lense. This step can take a while.

Use the old lens as a pattern to trace onto the clear office lighting material, but make the pattern a little bigger than it needs to be, because you don't want it to be too small. You can always sand it down later. Next, cut out the pattern by using the jigsaw.

Now, using the grinder or sandpaper, sand it until it sits perfectly on your signal housing. You can carefully drill a hole in the lens where the retaining screw will come through, or you can screw the completed assembly in from the back of the bumper using something like a wing-nut-headed screw.

At this point you may want to paint the inside of the light housing with silver or chrome paint, so that it reflects light better, but even if you don't, your turn signals will still look fine.

Using the strong glue you chose, put a consistent bead of it between the new lens and the housing. Clamp the two pieces together and allow them to dry overnight.

Before putting them on your car, seal all the edges with the silicone caulk, because you don't want any water in the housing. When you're done, simply install the turn signals back in your car and enjoy!

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