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Toyota Curren Information

Hiro Toyota CurrenMany of you have probably heard about the Toyota Curren. The Curren is a car made by Toyota that's available in Japan and a few other overseas countries. It was never available in North America, and all Toyota Currens are right hand drive.

The Curren resembles a sixth generation Celica coupe with different headlights, and actually has the same rear end as the coupe, with a couple minor changes, such as the emblems and the tail-lights on some of the later models. These tail-lights, pictured below, are a direct replacement for the USDM coupe and convertible tail-lights. The interior of the Curren is practically identical to that of a RHD Celica as well. The front of the Toyota Curren has headlights which aren't even close to the four round headlights of the sixth generation Toyota Celica. The headlights are wide and short, rather than round, and to make these headlights fit, Toyota uses a different hood, front bumper, and fenders.

Toyota Curren Tail LightThe Toyota Curren was available with three different engines, which are the 1.8 liter, 125 horsepower 4S-FE, the 3S-FE, and the more powerful 3S-GE. The 3S-FE and 3S-GE are the same engines that were in some of the sixth generation Celicas, and produce the same amount of power.

The Curren spans three different chassis codes. The ST206 is the Curren which is powered by the 3S-FE or 3S-GE, and is front wheel drive, and does not have four wheel steering. The ST207 chassis code signifies that the car has a 3S-FE engine, is front wheel drive, and has all wheel steering. The ST208 chassis code means that the car has the 4S-FE engine, is front wheel drive, and does not have four wheel steering.

As far as suspension goes, some versions of the ST206 with the 3S-GE engine feature Toyota's Super Strut suspension system, while all other models of the Curren feature a MacPherson strut suspension system. All Currens are equipped with disc brakes on all four corners of the car.

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