6G Celicas

JDM Engine Specifications

Celica 3S-GE with VVT-iIn Japan, the '94-98 Toyota Celica came with one of three engines. The SS-I came with the 3S-FE engine, the SS-II and SS-III came with the 3S-GE engine, and the GT-4 was powered by the 3S-GTE engine. In 1996, the 3S-FE engine was improved slightly to increase fuel economy and decrease vibrating noises. In 1997, Toyota introduced VVT-i to the 3S-GE engine for the 1998 Celica, which increased horsepower and torque substantially, and improved fuel economy. You can identify 3S-GE engines with VVT-i, because they have a red valve cover that says "Beams." The 3S-FE runs optimally on regular octane unleaded gasoline, but the more performance-oriented 3S-GE and 3S-GTE engines require premium octane unleaded gasoline.

Some people wonder if the 3S-GE engine will be the same as the 3S-GTE if you add a turbo to it. It will not be the same. The 3S-GE engine with VVT-i has a compression ratio of 11.0:1 and the 3S-GE without VVT-i has a compression ratio of 10.3:1, while the 3S-GTE engine has a compression ratio of 8.5:1. So to add a turbo to the 3S-GE, you would need to lower the compression through the use of internal engine parts. Below are the specifications for these engines.

4 4 4
2.0 liters 2.0 liters 2.0 liters
138@6000 RPM 197@7000 RPM2 251@6000 RPM
(lbs.-ft.) 138@4400 RPM 152@6000 RPM3 225@4000 RPM
None None Turbo

1 - In 1994 through 1997 Celicas, the 3S-GE did not have VVT-i.
2 - In 1994 through 1997 Celicas, the 3S-GE only produced 177 hp@7000 rpm.
3 - In 1994 through 1997 Celicas, the 3S-GE only produced 142 lbs.-ft. of torque@4800 rpm.

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