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Website Frequently Asked Questions

What is member registration and how much does it cost? How can I register?
Member registration is the process of adding your information to the site and gaining a username and password to login to 6G Celicas. Registered members can upload photos of their Celicas, add how-to articles, parts, and links, comment on various articles, parts, and cars throughout the site, and participate in the discussion forums. Registered members will also be eligible for any future promotions or giveaways that 6G Celicas may have. Registration is free for everyone, and you can register by clicking here and filling out the form.

How can I add a photo of my Celica to 6G Celicas?
First, you must be logged in before you can upload a photo of your Celica. You can login by typing your username and password in the form on the left side of this site. Once you're logged in, you can add a photo of your Celica by clicking on the "Manage Your Account" link on the left side of your screen, and the clicking the "Add Celica Photo" link once the page loads. Once you're on the "Add Celica Photo" page, you can click the browse buttons to browse your computer and find images of your Celica. Once you've selected an image, click on the "Open" button, and then click on the "Upload Photo" button. You may need to wait a few minutes, but once the photos are added to the site will tell you that your photos have been added.

I registered, but my car isn't showing up in the "Members' Rides" section! What's wrong?
For cars to be displayed on the "Members' Rides" page, you must specify that you are Celica owner, the year of your Celica, the type of your Celica, and the body style of your Celica. If any of those fields aren't set to a value, then your car will not show up in the "Members' Rides" section of the site. You can edit your profile and Celica info by clicking the links on the "Manage Your Account" page once you're logged in, so that all of those fields can be filled out.

The site says that I can only upload four photos, but some members have more than three photos. Why do they get more photos?
Some users have the ability to upload more photos because of their contributions to the site. For example, if a user uploads a couple good parts or a nice how-to article, they're usually given the ability to upload one or two more photos of their Celica. This system provides some incentive for members to contribute to 6G Celicas.

I added a how-to article, a part, or a how-to or part photo, but it's not showing up. What's going on?
If anyone adds a how-to article, part, how-to article photo, or part photo, it must be authorized first, to verify that its content is appropriate for the site. It will be displayed as soon as a member of the management team authorizes it.

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