6G Celicas

JDM Projectors and Tail Lights Info

It seems like Japan always gets the best when it comes to cars themselves and the parts on them. Japan and Europe get the all wheel drive, turbocharged GT-Four, and some models of the Celica have different tail-lights and projector headlights.

JDM Toyota Celica Tail-LightSome Toyota Celicas in Japan and Europe have tail-lights that are different than the USDM tail-lights. These tail-lights are found on some of the overseas sixth generation Toyota Celicas from 1996 on. They can be imported, but cost a lot of money to import from Japan. They are a direct replacement to your existing tail-lights, and use the same bulbs and wiring as your existing tail-lights. Although you probably won't be able to go to your Toyota dealer and order these, the part number for the left JDM tail-light is 81561-2B240 and the part number for the right is 81551-2B300.

JDM Toyota Celica Projector HeadlightSome of the Toyota Celicas available overseas have projector headlights. These headlights consist of a projector headlight for the low beam headlight(These are the lights on the outside.) and a crystal clear headlight for the high beams(These are the lights on the inside.) These headlights can be found on the Toyota Celica SS-III and GT-Four models for the 1996 and up model years. These headlights are not available and the US, and therefore, must be imported if you want them on your car. They're expensive to import and are not DOT approved, so they're technically illegal to put on your car. Also, they require changes to your headlight wiring, because they use an H1 bulb for the low beam headlight. The high beam still uses the existing 9005 bulb.

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