6G Celicas

Sixth Generation Celica Lighting Guide

The sixth generation Celica uses many different light bulbs. This page describes which light bulbs are used in the USDM sixth generation Toyota Celica.

If you're considering changing your headlight bulbs to aftermarket bulbs, be very careful to only install lights that run at the stock wattage, which is 55 watts for the low beams and OEM fog lights and 65 watts for the high beams. If you install any bulbs that run above that wattage, you run the risk of melting your headlight wiring and sockets, which are expensive and tough to replace. Aftermarket bulbs that run above stock wattage may do this because of the increased current that they draw. Aftermarket bulbs that run above stock wattage will most likely burn out much faster than bulbs that run at stock wattage.

Low Beam - 9006 (55 watts)

High Beam - 9005 (65 watts)

Fog Light - H3 (55 watts)

Turn Signal - 1157

Sidemarker - 194

Rear Turn Signal - 1156

Tail Light - 1157

Glove Box - 74

Guage Cluster - 194 (Larger Bulbs) and 74 (Smaller Bulbs)

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