6G Celicas

Interview with presure2

6G Celicas: What's your name, how old are you, and what do you do for a living?

Manny: Jenn 29, Assistant Manager of kitchen for handicap children and adults
Manny 30, Owner/Operator, Four Aces Floor Sanding

6GC: When, why and how did you first acquire your celica?

Manny: Back in '98, Jenn and I were starting to get serious, and at the time, she had a '89 Z24, a REAL P.O.S. - major problems ALL the time. So I basically told her, if we planned on getting married, we needed a better, more reliable car, and the hunt began. The Celica dropped into our laps by pure luck at a Nissan dealer, and we both fell in love with it. Jenn signed the paperwork for it on April 20th, 1998.

6GC: What were your original plans for the car? Have they changed since?

Manny: Our original plans for the car were just to have a nice looking, reliable car, and as you can easily tell, those plans have changed a TON over the years.

6GC: Do you have any funny, interesting, or cool stories about working on the car or driving the car?

Manny: As funny as this may sound, some of our most fun times happen while we're working on the car, Jenn and I both work on it together, and on most of the projects we do we've had some VERY cool fellow members help out, and have had lots of fun helping out other members with theyre cars too.

One of the funniest things I can remember while working on the car was while we swapped in the new 5S-FE, Dustin (batman722) and Brandon (from c.net) in the engine bay, SCRUBBING the firewall and suspension.

As far as driving the car, since the turbo install, EVERY day is a fun day in the car, boost is an AMAZING thing, it has the ability to put a smile on your face at any given moment.

6GC: Do you have any dyno numbers, track times, or have you won any awards with the car?

Manny: Yes, we took the car to the dyno before the turbo install, and made 115 whp and 128 lb-ft. After the turbo install, our latest tune gave us 203 whp and over 240 lb-ft.

6GC: What are your future plans for the car?

Manny: Well, first and formost is a bigger set of injectors, we're really only being held under 200whp by that, and once that is done, a wideband O2 sensor, JDM sides, and LOTS of interior work. Tint is also somthing we'd like to have done at some point as well. The work never ends!

6GC: How and when did you find out about 6GC.net?

Manny: I first found out about 6gc right after it was formed by Coomer, thru the old celica.net, i believe we saw a post about it, and browsed our way over.

6GC: Any last comments you'd like to make?

Manny: We'd like to thank everyone that's helped us out with our car over the years.

We, like most people on this site, started out with basically NO knowledge of how to work on the car, and with the help of alot of cool people, and TONS of hard work, and research, we've been able to get the car to what it is today.

Everyone be SAFE, help out your fellow 6gc'ers and all good things will come!
Manny & Jenn

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