6G Celicas

Interview with Tigawoods

6G Celicas: What's your name, how old are you, and what do you do for a living?

My name is Mike Thoma, I am 25 and am a Corrosion Engineer.

6GC: When, why, and how did you first aquire your Celica?

Mike Thoma: I picked up the car in the Summer of 2006. Straight off the lot the car was originally my cousins first car during her time in college. At one point or another she parted with it and it sat in her parents garage being driven every weekend or so. Fast forward to the time when I was looking to get my first car and my Uncle wanted to get rid of the car so he offered it to me (and at first I was hesitant because of the color!) It would have been idiotic to turn down a free car, so I picked her up!

6GC: What were your original plans for the car? Have they changed since?

Mike Thoma: Being 17 and naive, my original plans were very sporadic and absurd and luckily due to "student funds" weren't executed (other than littering the windows with stickers). In 2008 I got into Autocross and from there on out that helped carve out the path I was heading. I never expected to get many of the things I have now or am going to get.

6GC: What are your future plans for the car?

Mike Thoma: BEAMS swap to replace my failing 5SFE. Upgraded camshafts for the motor and probably an EMS. Tein SS coilovers with EDFC Active Pro Some work to the paint, its showing its age and its wear and tear from when I daily drove it. The rest is just alot more racing and maintenance to keep the car healthy for its long life ahead. I don't plan on ever getting rid of it.

6GC: How and when did you find out about 6gc.net?

Mike Thoma: It was either through a Google search or from meeting Art (Lagos) at a local meet hosted by another forum. It was shortly after I got the car in 2006.

6GC: Any last comments you'd like to make?

Mike Thoma: Id like to thank the community here. Or better yet. Family. 8 years ago when I joined I would never had imagined I would have met so many awesome individuals across the globe. Also thank you for featuring my car, something I would never admit I deserve but tremendously appreciate that others do. I continue to be inspired by other members perusing innovative and creative endeavors and hope to myself, contribute in any way possible to give back to a community that has given me so much.

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