6G Celicas

Interview with TRDGT4

6G Celicas: What's your name, how old are you, and what do you do for a living?

My name is Clint Beaumont and I am 29 years old and I work for Toyota New Zealand in the Used Vehicle Department I am also a trained Toyota Automotive Technician.

6GC: When, why, and how did you first aquire your Celica?

Clint Beaumont : Well this is my very first Celica I brought it about 6 years ago from a Ford Dealer here in New Zealand

6GC: What were your original plans for the car? Have they changed since?

Clint Beaumont : Didn't really have any real plans for the Celica when I first got it as it was my first Turbo'd car as well, but after melting number two piston things began to rapidly change with forged pistons etc, then the factory turbo let go so a Garrett GT30r was brought and that was when I wanted to get it to what you see today. The Celica has been a massive learning curve with a fair bit of trial and error on a few modifications but the end result is something I am very proud of.

6GC: What are your future plans for the car?

Clint Beaumont : Future plans include new Wheels and 800cc injectors to try at reach the 300 kw atw mark.

6GC: How and when did you find out about 6gc.net?

Clint Beaumont : I was searching about three years ago for Celica sites and even thinking about starting one here in New Zealand but then I found 6gc and havn't looked back.

6GC: Any last comments you'd like to make?

Clint Beaumont : Firstly thanks 6gc for choosing me for Featured Celica. and second 6gc has been very helpful for me with answering some of my questions and has been a great way to make friends all around the world.

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