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this is my newly acquired Celica GT 1994. 240k miles.
Paint is pealing, and has small dents but the interior still looks pretty nice.
the kid who had it before me just tore it up. I bought it from his uncle who told me he put another motor in it with 140k miles, and a new clutch. So I figured I could handle fixing most everything else.

Within the first two weeks the brakes were dragging and I replaced the front calipers, and flushed the fluid that looked 20 years old. Then a week later the brakes were dragging again and then it suddenly lost the pedal completely, lucky I was already stopped. I replaced the master cylinder and when I took the old one apart I found a foil seal from a new bottle of brake fluid down inside the rear piston of the master cylinder!

I see the paint-pen mark on the motor like he got it out of pick-n-pull, but I rarely see any Celica's down there, I'm guessing it has a 2200 out of a Camry in it..

Regardless; I love this car and look forward to fixing it piece by piece. :D
to me it's just right, handles great and fast enough to get around most of the retards out on the highway, yet still gets at least 27mpg even when I drive fast.

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