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Full Version: Fate's "Fly Low" Project: 3rd Gen 3SGTE
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After a long time of deliberation, and help from fellow members with my questions (thank you to all btw) i finally took action. I was told my engine would be here somewhere between 10:30am and 5:30pm and i waited all day for it to arrive. At 5:31, i had the biggest smile on my face. This is why:

A 3rd Generation ST205 3SGTE w/ about 63k miles. Completely stock other then an HKS green mushroom intake.

The Patient: 1994 Toyota Celica GT w/ sick nasty jdm power folding red mirrors (work and wired like stock)

and a little something special i've been waiting to use for about 2 years compliments of DCWs and DewHoeGT for parting with them:

Thank you for looking, more pictures and progress will be up tomorrow.
Sweet, Jersey doing GEN3 swaps like its our job laugh.gif Good luck with your project
thumbsup.gif hehe looked just like mine...o the memories.

any questions, PM me

right on !
swaps spreading like the plague! horrrray!
bowdown.gif Someday.
These Celicas are starting to look WAAAYY to familiar LOL

Mad props to you smile.gif

Damn East Coast balling out of control.
GOOD UPS MAN!!!!BALLER!!!!! its a joy to to just own one man!!
sweet now i need to get my mine
where did you order the 3rd gen from?
Not too much of an update, just various pics of parts off the engine. I should have the head off this weekend (and in the shop by Monday), I cant get the exhaust manifold/tranny off until i can lift the engine up a little. Minor progress pics below:

Heat shield, intercooler and timing belt cover off:

Complete harness off:

Intake manifold off:

Valve Cover:

Misc. Parts:

This week I also got my clutch in the mail. I decided to go with a SPEC Stage 3+ sprung full faced clutch. Even though I read a lot of bad with SPEC and the springs exploding..etc (all over mr2oc) I have a few friends running it with no problems. Plus, a lot of the exploding springs were on the 6 puck from what i could tell-too much free motion i suppose in the tranny. Also anyone looking to buy from SPEC directly, deal with Jeremy. He was nothing but help and was well aware of the combination we need for the 5sfe transmission (3sgte pressure plate, 5sfe clutch, 5sfe throwout bearing and alignment tool).

In packaging:

Also received my Berk Technology V3 downpipe. Luckily I called the actual company to order(compared to just ordering online) and they offered to ceramic coat it for free. Wonderful customer service would recommend to anyone looking for a well constructed 3inch dp. Along with that my AEM UEGO Wideband came in same day.

Lame cell phone pic:

Okay so I have a small dilemma. I'm well aware that a lot of people on our board are running the Prosport (pro) Gauges but I also have read a lot of problems can come from them. After a short period of time they supposably stop reading as accurately and I even read that a piece broke off into someone's engine on mr2oc (they provided a vid to show how the engine sounds right before he had to tear it down). Any suggestions on other gauges? I thought about doing all AEM but I personally would rather not pay over 200 a gauge. I would like to have the phantom look feature, so autometer is out as of right now (until i change my mind). Also as far as EBCs go: Greddy Profec I is the best bet right? If not an EBC should i just do a classic MBC from twosrus? Has anyone had any problems with it? Thanks.

the old school profec works quite well, and can be had pretty cheap used on ebay.

looking good so far man!
Americo, update...?
Dustin, ask and you shall receive...

First off, the reasoning for the delay. Close to 2 years ago i bought the gt4 crash bar brackets new from Jeff at toyotaworld. They were out of stock and i was told it would take about 6 weeks. 6 weeks turned into 6 months then a year and so on. While Jeff is a great person to deal with and knows the parts you need especially st205 stuff, in my case i kept getting the run around. Eventually i bought them through Colin in England and for the past month have been waiting on my refund. Coincidentally, today i talked to Jeff and it finally went into effect and i was able to order the new engine parts i needed.

I got the head off and it's been in the shop ready to be rebuilt for the past 2 weeks. I've just been waiting for the supplies to come to my house so i can give everything to the guys at the shop. From a visual standpoint nothing looked wrong with my head, so some may ask why i'm rebuilding it. The engine although it has low miles (63k) it is still from a 1994 donor vehicle. Age along with it being a turbo engine, i figured i'd do it right the first time-no expense spared. So while i wait for my packages to arrive, here are just a few pics from about 2 weeks ago.

Pics below:

My goal to have this finished is January 19th (the day before i go back to school). This week with weather permitting i plan on pulling the 5sfe and prepping the engine bay. I would have had this done a while back but school and work got in the way. Just to shoot for the sympathy factor, i've had two 10 page papers, 4 finals and a 25 minute marketing presentation.
Nice work dude.
God damn kindasad.gif 4 finals, 2 10pg papers, and a presentation. AND you work? hats off to you, I tried 2/3rds that load last year and couldnt handle it with my job. Engines looking good btw, must say im jealous.
lookin great so far man! keep up the good work, take your time, it will pay off in the end.
Nice man. polish all that stuff up, it will really look great. Nice and clean under the valve cover, nice.
Very, very small update:

Finishing date has been pushed back. I've been waiting on the seals and gaskets since december 9th and still no delivery. Jeff is off today so i'll call him first thing in the morning.


...all i got atm.
lookin good so far man...i remember you postin somethin in my thread about how you would like to do this someday...well its about time you got started..haha..we gotta meet up sometime when you get it done...once i get my swap done i'll have no prob. crusin to AC for the day...maybe even organize a meet down there...thatd be sweet...good luck with the swap and keep us lucky bastards with your GT's
A meet in AC when you guys are done, Im down. Looking good so far man.
Flintstones car FTW GL on the swap
wow.. looks like such a fun project!! can't wait to see more updates!!
awsome job .. hope to see it in time for street wars when im down there
I didn't realize how much time has gone by with school and work. Big update tomorrow...i hope.
keep your head up Americo, it'll be fun when it's done.
your getting there man..!!!!! soon to be powerd by the 3RD GEN!!!!! hahaahhaha
BUMP with no updated pictures? Yup. No more excuses, this thing needs to get finished. Deadline is set that I have to finish before or on June 13th. The engine is all bolted together, just need to figure out wiring and bolt the tranny on. If I can accomplish both those things tomorrow i'll be stoked and pull an all nighter to put it in the engine bay. Wish me luck, I'm tired of having an amazing engine just taking up space in my garage and not where it belongs.
get on that **** then! im free all this week, but im one broke mo fo, so if you wanna pay for gas and tolls id be more then happy to come down and give you a hand like i said i would. either way good luck lookin forward to seein it done already!
call me tomorrow Rico, I'll talk you through the wiring smile.gif
I was just in AC a couple nights ago.. Any updates??
good luck Rico thumbsup.gif
Thats it i'm selling my house and moving to the north east!! biggrin.gif

Do you have to have a 3sgte or 5sfte turboed to move in up there or can you just be in the process of doing a swap? laugh.gif

Great Pics, I hope one day i'll have time and $$ to finally start AND FINISH a sawp!

Good luck! smile.gif
in. the. car. finally.
QUOTE (Fate @ Jul 16, 2009 - 3:05 PM) *
in. the. car. finally.

PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile.gif

congrats americo!

it started to rain :-\.

quick phone pic:
almost there americo!
Picked up a hood and bumper off this guy yesterday. Awesome kid, and an even awesomer ride. I can say I'm jealous, I don't know how much work his done to it but it looks about the same in the last pic he posted. But he'll get it done, he looks like he knows what his doing.

Thanks again man, and keep it going thumbsup.gif
looking like a very nice transplant going on here.
Do you plan on keeping the 2SGTE running stock or have you got plans for a bigger turbo?
You using stock ECU? Also I see they've supplied you with drive shafts and propshafts. Is it a straights implant? Also will you be running this as a FWD only?
good **** rico....i demand more pictures though...and give us a video of it running....hopefully everything else from here on out is smooth sailing
i'll post pics/vid once i get this fuel issue resolved. i'm going out of state this weekend, but monday i'm hoping for good things.
hey.. i dunno if you finished your swap.. but the way I handled the fuel problem was to run the big blue wire that goes from the fuel pump(underneath your back seat), to a power source.
thanks. i'll run the fuel pump @ constant if i can't resolve my issue.

boom shocka locka.
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