The Interior/Audio/Electrical/Wiring thread

***Please note before doing any work involving electrical work, check if you need to disconnect your battery, or Airbag system & take care working***

General Wiring:
De-pin a Toyota wiring harness - Great info how to thread with pictures.
JDM Side mirrors - info on how to wire the JDM power folding mirrors

Car Alarm - Install guide
Wiring Diagrams - For security etc

Shift Light. - A Simple guide.
Rev Guage Shift Light. - Customising the Rev guage to include a shift light.
AT200/ST204 to ST205 Combo Meter. - Info thread.
9,000rpm/JDM Tachometer Installation. - Great if you need to swap to a higher rev guage.
LED's in gauge cluster. - A quick guide on how to install LED's in your gauge cluster.
How to calibrate your speedometer. - Great info regarding calibration etc, If you have removed your needle.

The complete lighting guide. - Great info thread that covers each bulb type and location, and any differences between the USDM and JDM Lighting.
Another Lighting guide. - Updating the lighting includes bulb types etc

Exterior: (Please see the Exterior thread. for more info on lighting)
Adapter conversion specifically for the Projector lights. - When upgrading to Projector headlights, you need to read this.
Projectors lights install. - Wiring in.
Install accent park light bulb. - Details on how to get the accent/park lights working on your Projector lights for GT and ST celicas.
Spotlights/fog lights. - Installing 96-99 stock spotlights/ fog lights.
HID's in Projectors. - How to install.
HID's in stock headlights. - A great guide for a clean install.
HID's Install. - Great thread on how to wire in HID’s **Update picture links**

Lighting guide. - Updating the lighting includes bulb types etc (Old version)
Another Lighting guide. - Updating the lighting includes bulb types etc
Installing ignition key ring light. - Update your ignition key ring with a light.
Updating the lighting ring around the key. - A Great how to.
Clock. - How to stop it dimming & change colours
Clock. - Changing the colour
Power Window switch. - Update with LED’s

Audio Wiring:
OEM speaker locations. - and OEM amplifier locations
Radio connections. - a great info thread

Wiring in an aftermarket stereo. - link to .pdf install guide for 94-99 Celica
Aftermarket Stereo Install. - Quick guide for installing an aftermarket stereo
Installing an aftermarket amplifier. - Great write up on installing an amp, aswell as removing interior pieces (cards, carpet, seats etc)

Installing Tweeters. - A quick guide on how to install tweeters

Modifying the stock door speaker for a 6.5" aftermarket speaker. - How to modify the stock 8" door speaker for a 6.5" aftermarket speaker **Update picture links**
4" front speakers upgrade. - How to properly upgrade the 4" speakers on the 8 speaker system.

Rear Seats and Rear speaker removal. - How to install aftermarket rear speakers
Rear Speaker Install. - Another guide on how to install aftermarket speakers in the rear.
6x9 Rear Speakers. - A great install thread

Climate Control/ Air Conditioning:
Cleaning your AC. - How to clean your Evap core for the summer without having to take it out.
How to remove the AC Evaporator - Covers certain aspects for removing the AC.
Changing climate control light colours. - Using LEDS
Removing and changing the LEDS in your Climate Control Unit. - A great guide on removing and modifying the Climate Control Unit for aftermarket LED’s **Update picture links**

Upholstery (Seats/ Door cards etc):
Seat reupholster. - A great how to.
Door panel removal. - A great info thread.
MR2 Seats. - How to install MR2 seats in your celica.
Vincent_doggy's arm rest cover. - How to install install vincent_doggy's arm rest cover.
How to reupholster your headliner. - Step by step guide to make/install a new headliner.

Info thread about Racing seats/ harnesses/ cages. - Great post with safety info about seats and seatbelts
Cup Holders - From a Ford Taurus.
Short shifter & Quick shifter Install. - A guide on how to install **update pictures links**
Keyless entry. - Boot/Trunk popper
Battery Relocation. - To the boot/Trunk wiring etc.
Convertibles top motors. - How to fix
Alternators Test, Remove & Reinstall. - For your ST (7A-FE) Celica
Upgrade your Steering wheel. - A great guide
Trunk/Boot popper. - How to get your trunk/boot to pop from your remote.

How to Articles:

Part Database:
6GC part database - Covering interior upgrades **Currently linked to our basic part list.**